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Collaboration for optimum results

It all depends on the customer

Only those who focus on the customer as their top priority can provide them with the optimum support. We understand the specific requirements of our customers and develop solutions with maximum value for their benefit. As certified service providers with decades of experience in job order production, we can cope with even the most complex customer requirements on time and reliably. Fixed contacts support a project continuously from the initial concept right up to delivery or acceptance.


The guarantees for this holistic service are, in addition to our modern machinery, the highly-qualified specialist employees who have taken our tested quality standards to heart. Our professionals also have lots of experience with special individual parts. Due to our high level of flexibility, we are always able to cater for changing market requirements.


Our wide spectrum of services comprises production, quality control, logistics, assembly, repairs and service as well as thermal injection. With specialist know-how, experience and ultra-modern equipment, we are always here for you, one of our many customers, and yet at the same time our most important customer.

A strong network

About us

The Neuenhauser Lohnfertigung (Job order production) as a part of the Neuenhauser Group for Companies is a modern and reliable supplier for customers from different industries. It is of particular importance to us that a technology and innovation-friendly climate prevails within the Group of Companies in which unconventional thinking and new ideas are promoted.

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Great diversity


In addition to optimised delivery reliability, we guarantee customer-specific production coupled with optimised logistics. A good and close collaboration with our customer provides the basis for the optimum processing of orders, a transparent cost structure, the flexible takeover of peak performances and the high economic viability of the production.

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Everything from a single source

Quality assurance

We work continuously on the target-orientated optimisation of products and processes in order to ensure maximum quality and performance.

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Maximum efficiency


Ultra-modern equipment, carefully maintained and operated by specialists: our machinery represents an important guarantee for our professional production.

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