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Supported by a high degree of innovative thinking and a lot of commitment towards safety, quality and the environment, the Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH, founded in 1955, has been able to develop into an internationally-active group of companies. The strong network formed by the companies within this group guarantee stability and comprehensive customer service.


The Neuenhauser Lohnfertigung (Job order production) as part of the group of companies is a modern and reliable supplier for customers from various industries, such as mechanical engineering, aerospace, compressor construction and the wind power industry. Whilst maintaining maximum delivery reliability, we guarantee customer-specific production through qualified and certified specialists. For this purpose, our trained experts have ultra-modern technology at their disposal.


As in all companies within the Neuenhauser Group, a particularly technology and innovation-friendly climate prevails in the Neuenhauser Lohnfertigung (Job order production), which offers employees and customers the optimum prerequisites.



Here you can learn more about the Neuenhauser Group:

Divisions in which the Neuenhauser Group of Companys operates:

  • Assemblies and plant design
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Components, Assemblies and Systems
  • Textile industry and automation
  • Environmental technology
  • Machine elements
  • Compressors and pressure vessels
  • Products for the metal industry
  • Neuenhauser Group of Companies currently employs approximately 2,300 people of which 550 people at its headquarter in Neuenhaus.